Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Goo Goo, Ga Ga

Rah rah , ah ah aha. Roma, ro-mama. Bad Romance.

Lady Gaga. Everyone is talking about her. What, you're not? I can't go a day without hearing her on the radio or seeing something in the Hot Gossip section of web sites.

Last week, my fave show Glee did a cover of her song Bad Romance. Keifer happened to come down into the basement to say goodnight to me just as I was watching the performance. Yeah, needless to say, me and K1 watched that performance 3 times before she went to bed. "Again, mama, again!" she kept saying. For the next few days, she went around humming "rah rah rah" under her breath. So did I. And I must say, I liked the way they had Rachel and her mother, Shelby, perform Poker Face. It made me understand the lyrics (for once) and actually felt a little verklempt over the whole mother/daughter relationship storyline on the show!

My SIL Jilly and I are going to see her in concert in August - she added a second show and I got us tix for the second night. I cannot wait- I just know it's going to quite a memorable concert!

This morning, Keifer heard something on the radio about the concert,and she asked me, "Mama, what's her name? Goo goo, gaga??". Seriously. "Goo goo Ga Ga".


Heather said...

Love it! I haven't started watching Glee yet. Maybe I should see if they have the episodes On Demand with our cable.

DaisyGal said...

I *Heart* Glee as much as you...I also cried during Poker Face...and I just love that La GOO GOO GA GA :)

Keifer is sooo cute.

I am sooo jealous that you are seeing everyone in the universe that I would love to see....have fun!!!!! that concert will rock. Her new song Alessandro soooooo good. My Summer favorite for sure.


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