Monday, May 17, 2010

I wanna wish you a happy birthday.....

...happy birthday to ME, today!

Yes, another year older and another year wiser. And like a fine wine, I wonder, do I keep getting better with age? Hmmm...discuss amongst yourselves. And as I remember my parents saying when my Mom turned 36, I'm on the "backside of 30". Oye. The slide to 40 is only too close.

CJ and I spent the weekend van shopping (AHHH yikes! A Mini-van!!), errand running and he so graciously let me hit the gym both days. We grilled out Saturday night with his brother/our SIL and the kids, and caught up on shows together on the couch without passing out!

Sunday, we awoke to a vomit episode with Keifer- all over daddy's chest- but luckily it was short lived. I think it might've been the coughing she did all. night.long and it was phlegm-related but she got over it. She helped daddy clean out our car so we can see what we'll get for a trade in on it, and hit the grocery store with me as well. K2 has had a runny nose, but is a chatter machine and is pulling herself to a stand anywhere and everywhere she can! She is so funny! She certainly has been keeping us on our toes!

I also got to hit the gym last night, and then our neighbors came over for a short lived play session- although Keifer was so tired from NO NAP all weekend (why, me, why???) that she was a grouch to her friend Hayden. Luckily she passed out cold on the couch while I was putting K2 to bed last night, and mama had some uninterrupted "catch up" time with the DVR and some internet surfing (but alas, no blogging- that would require lifting my fingers and typing! LOL).

I awoke this AM to a card and a hug from my K1; she also told me that I could try on her Princess Birthday crown, but she didn't think it would fit me, because my head is "too big". LOL. I got to work, but......turned around. A gas line had broke in the back of the Elementary school I work in. The lawn care mower hit the cap, it popped off, and the fire engines and city workers were there and the entire school had to evacuate. I got there just in time to turn around and join THE ENTIRE school at the local community center's park, which is about a mile away. Wow. What an AM. We were all allowed back to school around 10:30 or so, to our dismay, and to the smell of sweet gas. Headache. However, thank God nobody was hurt and my afternoon class proceeded as usual and I got some awesome cards and gifts from my coworkers.

Oh, and my sweet CJ bought me an awesome new pair of pricey running shoes and a pair of running socks (for $10! WHA?? $10 for socks? LOL). Ahhh, now I"m off to home to try and choose what dinner I want before I get to hit the gym ALONE and enjoy some mommy time alone and work out.


Laura said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Piccinigirl said...

You're a spring chicken and 40 is the new 30 you you look AMAZING and not 36 at all...NOT THAT being 36 is's all YOU SWEET GIRL!!

sounds like your birthday was amazing, I'm sooooo glad!!!!

Hope all those candle wishes come true, can't wait to see that minivan! <3

DMB said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday!

And I hear you on the pricey running socks. Mine are $10 too, and I splurged on a new pair before my half in March.

Well...last week I LOST one of the new socks and couldn't find it anywhere!! I was so disgusted that I'd just lost $10! THANK GOODNESS the other sock turned up in the laundry this past weekend. WHEW!


JM said...

Happy Birthday to you and K2! Hope you ladies had great days!


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