Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1 year old!

Happy Birthday to Kyla Whitney!
One year ago, she made her debut at 11:00PM on the dot via Csection! I had been leaking amniotic fluid for a few days, and at 4PM on May 19, 2009, the doctor told me, "Go home and pack a bag, you're going to the hospital!"

Plans were all aflutter with calling my work and coworkers, getting a long-term sub prepared, getting my parents set up to come down (immediately) from 3 hours north to watch K1, and getting our Brother-in-Law to watch K1 while we left for the hospital. It was also 90+ degrees that day, and we didn't (unexpectedly) have daycare that week because Elaine's father had passed away. What chaos. However, amidst the chaos, our angel baby girl #2 was born to much love and joy!

More to come soon- I promise but here is a collage that my friend made for us- we have the same one for Keifer hanging in our home.


DMB said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl!


Laura said...

What a beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday, Kyla!

DaisyGal said...

that is soooo beautiful, what a great way to celebrate and remember her first year. I love it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Beautiful Kyla. :)


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