Friday, April 30, 2010


Can you believe Keifer took this gorgeous picture of Kyla? Yes, we all know Keifer adores taking pictures, and I loved this on when I found it upon uploading. And, yes, Kyla adores EATING these days- anything and everything she can stuff into her mouth (and her pincer finger skill is amazing!) And yes, that is a strawberry in her ear.Love it?

Sissies, on a Sunday Afternoon
Miss Thang, once again at Sam's club on a trip with her beloved Daddy. Man, how I love this girl. Instead of diapers, this time she scaled a mountain of juice boxes (I think this was when they were shopping for her birthday party, which I haven't uploaded YET ((badddddd mama))

And some "can you believe she said that?" snippets for you, regarding Miss Keifer Lynn:
*Keifer loves to go to the mall now, and begs me to ride in the "alligators" aka the escalators, or elevators *(take your pick)*
*K1 knows her flowers. Thanks to many grocery store visits and Sam's club stops, and us allowing her to literally stop and smell the roses, Keifer loves to do just that: stop to admire and smell ALL the flowers in the cooler cases. While we visited Trader Joe's together after Ballroom last month, K1 stopped at many of the flowers and to my great surprise, was able to correctly name many of the flowers! Daffodils, tulips, roses and daisies. The girl knew them all. And, the best part of all? As primed by her mama, when asked what her mama's favorite flower is, she can very matter-of-factly tell you "tulips" with no hesitation! Love her!
*I recently was lucky enough to go on a shopping spree. Keifer noticed right away that many of my tops were new, and she will tell me, "Oh, I love your shirt, Mama, it's so pretty!" which makes me feel pretty darn good (since nobody else exclaims over my shirts like this) and she also admired my newly pedicured toes last month: "I LOVE your toes, Mama! They are so pretty". Of course, it was *(honestly!)* the FIRST thing she noticed when she arrived home after arriving home that night. And, lord forbid if her toes or my toes have any chips in the paint - according to K1, they are *add drama to this word*: BROKEN! As in, " uh oh, your toes are BROKEN!". Girl knows chipped paint is not good!
*Driving home another night, Miss Sassy in the back seat enjoyed a granola bar. When done, she wanted to hand me her wrapper. I attempted to reach into the backseat to grab the now-empty wrapper from her, but couldn't reach. "That's OK, Mama", she told me, "you just take care of yourself!". Um, OK, sassy pants!
*And one of my favorites: in our house, dirty clothes go in a dirty clothes hamper in the closet, or if you're bad like us, we throw/toss them down the stairs to the landing in the basement. Not very orderly, but easy on the weekdays. Keifer has unfortunately learned this trick, and will toss clothes around the house after she takes them off, left and right. One night, while helping me with laundry, I took off her dirty pillowcase and told her to put it in the wash. She brought it to CJ, and said to him, "here Daddy, here's the suitcase!" and then whipped it at him, in her attempts to"toss it " down the stairs. LOL. Yep, she meant "pillowcase" but it came out suitcase!


Wendy and Karen said...

Your smiling girl is so beautiful! I love reading all the tidbits- especially about her love of flowers and how she knows all their names.

kristine said...

Ha ha "here's the suitcase" I love it.


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