Sunday, February 07, 2010

A shopping Monkey Girl

Taken with Daddy' Iphone on Saturday. Keifer girls LOVES her shopping trips, and this was from Sam' Club. Lately, it's usually been just K1 and Daddy who go to Sam's together, and enjoy shopping and food sampling to their heart's delight. However, we all went as a family, and sadly, the samples were done for the day *(boo hoo)*. Keifer still enjoyed her shopping trip and showed off her monkey climbing skills while we were deciding what size diapers to get Kyla Whitney (we decided that since she's in 3's right now, we'd get some 4's that will fit her sooner than later, and for overnights). Keifer was proud as punch to pose for Daddy here.
After sampling the water fountain about 50 times and visiting the bathroom (successfully keeping dry!) 2 times, we trekked on over to Super Target before we made it home for the night. A good day was had by all!

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