Friday, April 09, 2010

Happy 10 months, K2 (late, again, of course)

That Mama. Late again, at least she had my pictures in the post before I even TURNED 10 months; she's just late on the uptake of posting this! Hee hee.

My shirt was my sister's: it says "SMILE" and I LOVE to smile at people!

Kyla Whitney: Thoughts as they come into my head, on you turning 10 months.
Let's see:

Ten months. Four teeth- 2 on the top, 2 on the bottom. Millions of giggles, chuckles and squeals. Or should I say growls? You growl for food, demanding it, often with an accompanying pound of your tiny fist on the high chair's tray. You love to eat. LOVE IT! You eat a whole big jar of a meal (food) and one jar of dessert. You LOVE to explore new fruits, pancakes, and mushed up breads and pasta!
Kicky feet. "So big" arms. Sleeping for 12 hours a night (bliss for mama and daddy).
Almost 20 pounds, and looking like a longer and leaner version of your sissy. One dimple that melts everyone who meets you. Loving to be out in public places, holding on with both hands to the carts: one on the front of the cart, one on the side. Flirting with boys. Flirting with Papas. Trying oh-so-hard to turn on the music on the bottom half of your mobile in your crib -and succeeding. We put you down to go to sleep and we hear you making sounds. We'll come check on you, and there you are, rolling around, grabbing some of your lovies, and beaming away at us like we just saw you. Little dickens.
Books? Your sissy LOVED books at this age. Although you enjoy books, you prefer to EAT THEM! You are constantly chomping on books and making your little teeth marks on anything you can grab with your hands. You do love when we sing to you, and Mama adores looking in the back seat to see you gazing lovingly and adoringly at your sister as she sings to you on our way to Elaine's in the morning.

Pictures: You aren't so hot on Mama taking your picture anymore, but you do enjoy exploring the environment that we put you into, so without further ado.....your monthly pictures!
Ohh, a book.
Who needs chewy toys when I have books?
See this sign? THIS is what I Think of this sign!"arrrrrrrr- tasting good"
OK, I'll give you a sneak peek at my 4 chompers coming in!
Thanks for looking! Sage is my pal - I LOVE when she walks by my high chair and licks my hand that I stick down for her!

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Piccinigirl said...

wow, look at that beautiful little girl! My goodness, she is so adorable. I just want to eat her up!!! 10 months,,,how did THAT happen????



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