Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wilderness vs. Great Wolf Lodge

Next month, over my Spring break, CJ and are tossing the idea around to take the girls for a few nights to Wisconsin Dells to a water park hotel. Keifer adores the water; the past 2 weekends, CJ has taken her on Sunday afternoon to our gym for open swim. She has turned into a brave girl who will jump off the side of the pool, bob underwater, and then float up into CJ's arms. She refuses to let CJ hold her hand as they wade into the gradually deeper water, and he has to literally TEAR her out of the pool to get her home for a nap. Yes, we are signing her up for more intense swim lessons soon, as our little fishie has no fear.

Anyhoo, we've decided that we would like to take them to a fun water park hotel. The Dells are a great place to find just the place we are looking for - but there are SO many to choose from and so many mixed reviews on all of them.

Personally, we are leaning towards the Great Wolf Lodge, simply because they seem to be the most TODDLER oriented, with the rides access and activities they have that would be right up K1's alley. But we've also heard wonderful things about the Wilderness Resort. Yes, I realize our girl is only 2 (almost 3!) and we really should've care this much, but this is kind of a big deal to us! Ok, to ME it is!

Of course, I'd rather be jetting away to a tropical location, with just my husband at my side, for a relaxing beach getaway. Alas, I don't think that will be happening this year, but a girl can dream for a surprise trip at some point, right?

So, chime in and tell us what you have experience with young toddlers and any tips you might have for fun in the winter time in the Wisconsin Dells area?


Anonymous said...

So where did you end up going and what did you think? I am debating over the 2 and any suggestions would be welcome.

Soupy said...

We never ended up going!! Sorry!!


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