Thursday, February 11, 2010

The inevitable post + new boots that rock

1. For a few weeks now, Keifer has been about 99% potty trained. Finally. Ya-hoo. We had been dealing/struggling/trying not to stress out about it- and when I was out of town a few weeks ago, a light went off with Keifer and she just "got it". She decided to use the potty like a big girl (so she says) and wear panties all the time. I am proud and happy to say our girl has not had any accidents in public *hands up in a cheer*. If anything, she'll wait until it's just mommy and her to let it "loose", so to speak. She likes to tell me she has to go and then just LOOK AT ME, as the urine trickles out. Ahh, Keifer. It's always mommy's buttons she likes to push.

But I digress. The girl is really good at keep dry during the day and during nap time! We won't expect miracles overnight, but judging by her ability to keep dry during nap times, I think it'll catch on.

2. Today, I ran to the Kohl's nearest my work and checked out their clearance shoes/boots. A student of mine came in this week with new snow boots that featured Lightening McQueen and Mater. Um, Keifer loves shoes/boots and loves that movie. So, being the awesome mommy (and fun) that I am, I raced to Kohl's with my coupon I received in hand, and found a size 10, perfect for my wide-footed girl! She's right around a 9-9.5 right now, so a 10 was perfect*score*. The girl LOVES these boots. She didn't want to take them off for bed time tonight! Can I get a wha-wha?
I think we might even hit the nearest Kohl's tomorrow to our house (not my work) and see if any size 11's are left. If so, I can totally score another pair in hopes of wearing them next year.

Hey, when a girl's gotta go, she's gotta go
Do you think Disney would pay me for advertising their boots (Cars) as well as their panties? (Little Mermaid?)
Ironically, the night we get the camera out is the night our girl picked up my new Everyday Food magazine that just arrived. I kid you not, she has never done this before! LOL


Jonathan and Tara said...

Way to go big girl!

tara at

Piccinigirl said...

wowza, way to go Keifer!!!! that's awesome Carrie, I am sure you are more than happy that she is well on her way.
I love the photos, she's def giving it her best.


DMB said...

So nice when it just clicks with them!! :)

For night training, we began waking her up around midnight to go potty (which she did while pretty much asleep on the toilet), then after a few months she started being able to wake herself on her own. We still need to get up to take her overnight because she's pretty out of it, but it's still a good step that she's aware enough that she has to go.

Love the pics too! Total blackmail material with future boyfriends. ;)

LutherLiz said...

Go Keifer Go! (lol) We are so proud of K1!


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