Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A sibling/sissy story, in pictures

Keifer had just gotten dressed for our trip to Sam's Club, when she raced downstairs and greeted Kyla with a huge "HI!". Kyla was thrilled, as usual, and bubbled over with laughter. A big hello hug to my baby sister, while Sager sniffs out Kyla, deciding if she's tasty enough to lick
Sage decides Kyla is yummy, and goes in for the french kiss, while Keifer scolds her (notice her lips in movement?)
Keifer sternly tells me that Sage is not allowed to kiss Kyla
A nearby toy grabs Keifer's attention, so she shoves it into Kyla's face in her attempts to share
Kyla explores the toy while Keifer takes a break from spinning the wheel to make the music play
Big hugs for the camera
Miss Blue Eyes - who, by the way, says BLUE is her favorite color, because blue is "like my pretty eyes" (hence her reasoning for picking blue cups or blue plates, or anything blue
when there is an option for the color) Pretty baby with the chapped lower face
Keifer taking up her hobby again (of snapping pictures)


Piccinigirl said...

I cannot believe how big they have gotten. Both of them and Keifers hair is so long and blonde and pretty. I just love seeing them playing and sharing and being sisters. They are both little miracles. WOW!

Wendy and Karen said...

Your baby is looking so big all of a sudden! How did this happen. The two girls look so happy together.


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