Friday, January 01, 2010

Random holiday viewing from the past 2 weeks

There's no place like HOME for the holidays.......Ahhh. Yes. Home. For the first time in *possibly?* our marriage, CJ and I stayed home for Christmas this year. We want to start some new traditions with our nuclear family, as our girls are getting older, and Keifer is now at the age for the FUN Christmas traditions to begin. We wanted to be able to have her wake up in our house, to see what Santa had dropped off for her in the middle of the night......
I was lucky enough to have the full 2 weeks off at Christmas this year. It varies year to year for me, depending on my school district calendar. Last year, we worked up until the 22 of December. This year, we got the full 2 weeks. Well, we will now work into mid-June, something I'm not too happy about....however, it was good to be home with my girls........

Some random shots of pictures from the past weeks, and a Christmas entry will be next for your viewing pleasure.......

not the best picture, but our tree partially decorated. Keifer and I had so much fun decorating it, listening to satellite radio on the dish (TV), and dancing together in our jammies to the Christmas songs Keifer helping me with dishes....and mama is so excited that our girl fits into JEANS! Up until now, she has had the Buddha belly that did not allow jeans on her body. Now, she can wear them! YAHOO!
so if I'm going to riff about my cute girl's bum in her jeans, of course I'll post a picture of it, right? *cute bum alert*
Someone is finally eating solids consistently and is LOVING her "mixed vegetables" - here she is, trying to talk to us - which means she is sticking out her tongue and making her "mom" sounds! *joy*
Doesn't she just look so TINY in the high chair? *sigh*
but not as tiny as Keifer's baby Kyla- she is really tiny (*K1 insists upon putting HER baby Kyla in all of the real baby Kyla's apparatus*)
Someone is really enjoying nibbling on her toes (or Robeez!)...and really, who doesn't love nekkid baby pics? *sigh again*
Keifer had her favorite babysitter, Lindsey, stay with her all day one day (and Kyla, too) so mom and dad could 1) see a movie (*yay*), 2) finish shopping, and 3) have a dinner date (*Yum*)
Auntie Katie visited-she was home from her current state of Illinois -Keifer enjoyed her visit
Kyla decided that Keifer's bum looked like she wanted Kyla to attempt to take a nibble out of it (ahh, we are so silly, aren't we?)
and Keifer instructed Daddy to take her picture behind her jumping bean of a sister! :)
Yes, our older girl prefers to be practically naked at home!

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kristine said...

First: How adorable is Kyla?! Swoon!

Second: I know what you mean about wanting the kids to wake up in their house w/ presents from Santa and all the whole get-up. We felt the same way, but had to take the opportunity to visit David's parents since we never can. It's ok. We told G that Santa knew she was at grandma & grandpa's house.

Third: K1's little booty in her undies! Too cute!


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