Thursday, November 12, 2009

A VERY Belated 5 month post: here's Miss Lovely

Hey, mama! I love the camera!
I'm turning out to be just as big of a ham as my Keifer sissy was!
Hmmm....I like to look at the animals on my walls...they are so fun to chat to!
And, look what socks Keifer is wearing in HER 5 month picture: the same ones I had on Kyla for hers! Sissies! Socks! Cuties!
You can also see the tiny resemblence my moon-faced girls have to each other: you can really see it sometimes, and other days, Kyla just looks like, well: KYLA!
So I realize that I'm a slacker lately. Like, the hugest slacker ever- poor Kyla. We do all her "monthly" pictures way later than we should. Granted, she's still 5 months old, but next week she'll be on her way to 6 months, and what kind of mama double spots monthly pictures? Hmm. I feel bad.

Well, this girl is the sunshine of our lives right now. All of us in the Soupy household are charmed by this happy baby, who smiles every time she makes eye contact with you. She is beginning to show signs of adoration for her big sissy- as she cranes her neck in hopes of putting Keifer onto her visual radar every time she hears big sissy's voice. Keifer loves to kiss and hug her and dance to music in front of her. Kyla enjoys joining us for dinner on the table in her Bumbo chair, where she eyes us up when we eat. The puppies are a source of amusement for her, too, and Sage is continuing to thank us for these delicious babies to lick up after.

Kyla has been spitty the past couple weeks. Not sure why: just spitty. The drool factory has begun and she is starting to also CHOMP on the nipple of the bottle, as well as her fingers all the time, so we think that teething might be sooner than later.

We haven't started feeding her oatmeal/rice cereal yet, as she had to work on her sucking skills in order to fully drink her bottles. We are hoping that there won't be any oral motor issues with feeding her, but we're also expecting that there might be some (the whole suck, swallow, reflex thing). If there are, the sweet OT that we worked with told me to call her, and we'll just bring miss Kyla back in for more therapy if need be!

Kyla doesn't have as much hair as big sissy did at this age; however, the peachy fuzz is so soft and mama loves to rub her chin on it. It's lighter in color than K1's was at this age, and I think that the girl is destined to be as fair skinned as her mama (yay!). Keifer is fair, but she tans up really brown like her daddy once her skin is in the sunlight. I think Kyla and mommy will be the sunburn girls (hopefully not, with all the sunscreen we load up on, but still....).

This girl has that one dimple that transforms the twinkle in her eye into one of devilish delight. We once thought she might be a tich quieter than K1 was at this age: now we know this isn't true. Kyla loves to coo and babble to anyone she can, and she appears to enjoy talking to men more so. She loves Papa Joel (Elaine's hubby) and he likes to call her "Gabby". Hee hee. She has the most ticklish neck,and whenever we change her, she still giggles and belly laughs, which makes changing times so sweet. She also really likes to take baths, and I can't wait until she can fully sit up on her own and we can break out the ducky tub for her to kick and splash in to her delight.
Books continue to be a big source of enjoyment for both Keifer and now Kyla. I am so relieved and excited that she appears to enjoy books as much as Mama and Keifer. It means lots of fun activities and learning in the future!

Kyla is a pretty consistent sleeper, usually going down for the night between 6 and 7 PM and maybe getting up once a night for a bottle. On the better nights, she sleeps til about 5:30, which we are so happy for. She now shares a room with sissy,and although Keifer is one of the loudest 2 year olds in our town, (ha), it doesn't appear to faze Kyla. She sleeps through Keifer's bedtime routine, which we are so thankful for. And, we might have a thumb sucker on our hands. The girl loves to suck her fingers, and we know she's tired once she puts her fingers to her mouth and we hear that tell-tale sucking sound. She also is beginning to curl up in her sleep on her left side. It's really so sweet to watch her sleep. Aren't babies so beautiful? We sure think ours is!


LutherLiz said...

Happy 5 months sweet Kyla! Edward is lucky you as a friend! I'm so excited to see them grow up together.

kristine said...

Whata beautiful girl! You're so blessed!

Piccinigirl said...

oh my goodness, she is BEAUTIFUL..look at that smile!!!!! I love hearing all about what's going on with her too. What a little miracle girl!


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