Friday, November 13, 2009

Park Day

Last weekend, we were blessed in MN (in NOVEMBER!) to have temperatures in the high 50's, and actually break into the low '60's! Wow! Because we typically are housebound by the cold by this point, we took advantage of the extra time in the outdoors, and took Keifer girl to the park near our house 2 days in a row! Oh my, how this girl loves the park. She talks about going to the park all.the.time, and we hear squeals of delight when we see the park within our visual radar.
Saturday, Daddy took K1 to the park (alone): they walked and K1 ran to her heart's content in the wonderful Fall weather.
On Sunday, Mama and Kyla accompanied Daddy and K1 to the park, and after that, we hit the (very) nearby grosh (aka grocery store) and then we had dinner at our beloved Teresa's. Keifer thought it was the best day, ever, in her little life, as she told me that night before bed, "Mama, we have fun today!". *(bless her heart)*.

Here she is, just a swinging. The girl loves to swing. She could swing for an hour straight!
Kyla girl hung out in Mama's Hot sling: she was content to just sit in there, taking in all the sights and sounds, and chewing on her tiny fingers. Of course, the minute the camera was pushed in her face, she lit up with smiles. Pose much, Kyla Whitney?
*man, she is cute*
Keifer going down the super duper steep slide! Ahhhh!
Daddy's turn!
She just finished climbing the ladder all by herselfI like this point of view of my angel girl #1
Chasing Daddy! He's the coolest daddy around! If there was sound with this, it would be Keifer shrieking with laughter!
My new fave picture of my guy and my K1
Intensely working on climbing the "web" (we call this climbing thing a spider's web!)
Ta-da! She made it to the top (with a little help from Daddy)

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