Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Whew. Where to begin. Halloween WEEKEND was a blur of fun around here. Nana and Papa came down (Dale & Di) and we enjoyed a dinner out Friday night. Nana brought Kyla a new pumpkin hat and we paired it with a bib I found in the $1 bin at Target! Perfect! I called this our "Cute Little Pumpkin" dressed in as a "firework". LOL. She is seriously the sweetest, best little baby ever - honestly! It's all Papa Dale could say all weekend!
Saturday AM rolled around, and Mama, Daddy and Papa took K1 to the zoo- where there was a "HallZOOween " fun time to be had. Too bad the weather wasn't so cooperative- it was about 35 degrees and a blistering wind was blowing. We all bundled up, expecting to be outside trick or treating with the animals, but alas, the events were all INSIDE. Mama didn't really need those long undies on, now did she? *sweaty*.
Here is a picture of Keifer the day we bought her frog costume. She was SO excited to put it on and model it for us and show Kyla!

Of course, once we got to the zoo, Keifer adamantly refused to put her froggy costume on (of course), so she trekked around, from treat table to treat table, taking in the sights and sounds of all the kids and adults in costume, as well as checking out her favorite animals (that'll be another post). I'll just say the girl LOVES sharks. She pooped out after we did a little outdoor exploring (a great time to visit the Grizzly bears is when everyone is inside collecting treats!). We got home, ate lunch, and fought with our K1 to nap for over an hour. The girl was PUMPED for trick or treating-it's all she could talk about!

Here she is showing off one of the few tattoos she got from the Zoo- they didn't give out candy: instead, it was fun little Halloween themed toys, color books, and finger puppets. Fun stuff.
After the whole house napped (yep, everyone in the house napped!), we got up and I dressed Kyla in her mini-Froggy costume to be photographed alongside big sister Frog. She loved it. Ahh, I remember the days when Keifer would wear a costume and smile so broadly as well! Keifer refused to put on her hood: the froggy head! We weren't about to fight with her, so we posed our Froggy sisters, and Keifer doted on her baby sissy, Kyla. She loved that she was a frog just like her!

One happy baby!

The Frog sisters!

Keifer even helped show me that Kyla's feet said "ribbit, ribbit'! Aww!
Soon, we had our first batch of neighbor kids at the door-a whole flock of the young ones. We recognized an acquaintance and her girls, and Keifer was thrilled to see all the kids in costume. We were in the midst of leaving, and as we did, she ran out the door, desperate to catch up to "her friends" (as she called them). We caught up with them a block later, and joined their rag-tag group of parents and kids. We taught Keifer that we only go up to the houses that had their lights on. She quickly learned that, and was SO damn adorable.

She would gasp excitedly: *GASP* "Mama, the lights, the lights" - and then take off jogging to the house. She would approach the doors, make various comments about the "jack-o-lanters" (not pumpkins, jack -o-lanterns! LOL), and then quickly scurry down the driveway, eager for the next house.
CJ and I could not contain our laughter. It was like someone had stuck a quarter in the girl. She was so hilarious- all jacked up but yet SWEET about it all. She was very polite and reserved when she requested "trick or treat" and thanked everyone. She even wished a few people "happy Halloween" after she heard other kids do the same thing. At one house, she even tried to go inside to play! LOL. She was so fun, it really warmed our hearts to be with her outside, while Papa and Nana manned our front door and took care of putting Kyla down to bed.

*knock knock knock*
This morning, the girls had fun playing with the witch's hat that I had also found at Target in the $1 bin. Don't you love our baby witch here? Soooo scary, right?

One adorable little witch eating her breakfast
Here's a video clip of Keifer running down the sidewalk to catch up with "her friends" so she could trick or treat. Here are a few more we took- nothing crazy, as it was dark and we were more focused on enjoying our girl.....Enjoy!


Wendy and Karen said...

Oh I love her outfit!

JM said...

Such cute little froggies, I love their costumes! And Kyla has just the biggest grin:)


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