Friday, October 30, 2009

The monster mask?

Sunday of this past weekend, I started getting a really bad headache and had a slight temperature of 99.6. I was nervous that the flu was going to hit me, so I laid down to take a nap and ended up sleeping the entire afternoon away. Monday, I still felt a bit off, but went to work, did my job, and took Keifer to our Ballroom class. That night, as I was feeding Kyla at around 1AM, I suddenly felt like I was going to vomit. I laid down Kyla (luckily she was done with her bottle!) and made it to the bathroom in time to be sick. What? This had hit me out of nowhere, so of course I was nervous that the Swine flu had hit me. Luckily I didn't have a temperature, but I did stay home from work Tuesday, and ended up staying home Wednesday to recover my body as well.

This was me feeding Kyla on Tuesday night. We didn't want our girls to get exposed to any germs that Mama had, even though I'm sure they were already exposed! Keifer really didn't comment on what I was wearing, and Kyla looked at me sort of oddly at first, but then it was happy smiles as usual. I guess a mommy in a mask isn't that uncommon for them! Ha!

I felt it was very appropriate to be wearing the mask a few days before Halloween, right?

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