Monday, October 26, 2009

Exer-saucin' with Kyla

After taking down our Pack & Play (Finally) out of our living room last week, we took out the 'Saucer we had gotten off of Craigslist a few months ago. Kyla really enjoys it at Elaine's house and I know Keifer really loved being in one when she was younger. Kyla was thrilled to be put in this one. She actually giggled really loud and continuously UNTIL: I got the camera out (but of course!). You still get the idea that she was quite thrilled to be in it. And Keifer Lynn, big sissy of the house, she was really digging cleaning the thing off with Mama. I was done,but Keifer insisted on wiping that thing down so NO more germs were on there. Hee hee. I hope she is this clean the rest of her days in my house!
Here is the
follow-up clip to this one. I like that Treble is in the background, happy as can be that all his girls are home :)

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