Monday, October 26, 2009

Little hands at work

Here is K1 doing some "work" that I brought home from my school. She loves to do any type of fine motor "art" projects at Elaine's house, and I've started bringing home the things I do at work with my kids I teach. She really loves these Do-A-Dot Markers- I encouraged her to "hop hop hop" them for fear of pushing too hard, which didn't matter anyways (as you'll see). I am such a teacher: of course, I was watching her fine motor sequencing: the fact that she is picking it up, twisting the cap off, properly positioning the marker in her hand upside down, and the right siding it up, and twisting the cap on. That is HUGE for a 2 year old to do - it involves multi-steps of motor planning, and I am so proud of my little budding artist. Yeah yeah, be quiet, Mama! :)

Keifer also loves to fill up little notebooks FULL of her name. She really is writing her name- she has gone through quite a few note pads in the past week, and the pen she is holding in this clip here, she has to have THIS pen or writing just isn't the same (apparently). Enjoy.

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1 comment:

Michele (Moosh) said...

CANNOT get over how much our girls are alike!!! Seriously, I am just blown away!!!! (Even Alex, too, actually....)

*really cool shivers*


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