Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cousin love

Keifer LOVE love love love loves her big cousins, Abby and Mason. She talks about them quite frequently and when they are reunited with her, she loves to rush into their arms for hugs. Abby is growing up (so big, sniff) but she is so wonderful with her little cousin. Last month, we visited their house,and Keifer had a ball,acting like she was so big, playing hand held games with her cousins. She had no clue what she was doing with the games (Nintendo DS systems) but the noises and beeps and sound had her very enthralled.

Thinking she is like her big cousins
A few weeks ago, Abby and Mason were at our house, and the kids all piled up on the couch to watch Shrek, which is a favorite of Mason's when he visits. Keifer has never watched Shrek, and she only lasted down there on the couch about 30 minutes, but she still talks about it!
I love this video clip, because it shows the pure joy that Keifer feels with her favorite big cousins!

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