Thursday, October 01, 2009

I go to race track

Lately, Keifer has been talking a lot about race cars and race tracks. I'm not sure where the interest in this comes from, as we have never seen a car race, or watched any shows on racing. A few weeks back, when I questioned her about what she wanted to be for Halloween (before I found her costume),she immediately responded, "a race car!". I'm not sure if she really even knew what she meant by that.

So, last Saturday, Auntie Jill came to watch baby Kyla, and mommy and daddy took Keifer Lynn to a nearby race track. Keifer was amazed! All day long, we talked about going to the races, and she was so excited. Everything we talked about related to "the race track". At dinner, as I sat across from her, I again talked about what we'd see at the races and how we might get snacks to eat. I told Keifer that mommy and daddy might get a beer to drink, and she very matter-of-factly nodded her head in agreement, and said, " Keifer have beer, too, OK?". LOL. I told her she'd have a root beer, if anything, and she laughed. What a funny girl.

We borrowed ear muffs in the mode of ear phones for our girl's tender ears, as she would not keep the little ear plugs in that you stick in your ears. They were a bit big on her, but we didn't want to buy the ear muffs for her unless we knew she actually liked watching the cars race.

She had a ball! She seemed very quiet, which is very unusual for our girl, so I knew she was soaking in all the activity. We watched the end of a round of stock car races, then watched some mini cars race. Keifer thought they were hilarious. Then, the actual "big race" came up and Keifer became a bit bored by that time. It had reached the hour and half mark, and we realize now that that is about the time limit on any activity that requires sitting down and watching for our girl.

She was so fun! When we got home, we all smelled like outside and gasoline, so mommy and Keifer took a shower. Keifer talked about the races all day the next day,and still brings it up in conversations. When she talks about it, she always puts in that it was loud, and demonstrates how to cover your ears!

And as a side note, Keifer said the cutest thing on our way to the races. She saw the moon in the sky out of the car window as we left to go to the race track. When we arrived at our destination, she looked out the window and saw the moon again. "Mama'! she said, 'the moon come with me!"

The following pictures were taken on Daddy's Iphone, so the quality isn't the greatest, but our K1 is pretty darn cute.
This is what you call shell shock: she likes it,but she's seriously soaking up the atmosphere!
For some reason, she thought she had to keep her hands over the ear plugs.
Getting tired, and enjoying some snuggles with mommy

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JM said...

This has me inspired to do this for our kiddo. Skyler loves cars and would probably fall over from excitement watching real ones race. Great idea!


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