Friday, September 11, 2009

Self-portrait & nutty hair

A few Keifer stories to share with you:

First, yesterday at Elaine's house, the kids made pictures of themselves. Keifer had help with the hair (aka blond/yellow), but she drew her own eyes on and mouth, which impressed the heck out of me for a 2 year old. The girl loves to draw. She particularly loves circles right now, so we are lucky eyes are circle shapes. LOL. Anyhoo, it was so sweet- when I picked her up, she was very excited to tell me what color her eyes are (blue) and what color everyone else's eyes are. She asked me my color (green) and was able to recall to Daddy that "Keifer has blue eyes, Kyla has blue eyes, Elaine has brown eyes and Mama has green eyes!" Smart cookie. Before bath time, I asked her what color soapy crayon she wanted in the tub with her: blue or yellow? She answered, "blue, like my eyes are blue!". Whoa. Super smart cookie. LOL.

Here is her self-portrait. I was so impressed I had to share *yes, mama Peacock is strutting, sorry*. Sorry for the side view. I have this original size and normal angle in my file, but it uploaded this way for some odd reason. Who knows. Thanks, blogger.

In the mornings, it is often times difficult to get Keifer to let me comb/brush her hair out. She is a wild sleeper and the thicker her hair grows in, the more wild hair dos we get to see in the morning. Some are quite comical. Last week, I told her: "Keifer, we have to comb your hair, it's just nuts!"
She cried out, "Mama, I don't WANT nuts in my hair!"

Ahh, yes, two year olds can be quite literal, can't they! Hee hee.


kristine said...

That is super cute. I love it.

JM said...

So cute. I once told Skyler he had crazy hair in the morning, now he always wants me to fix his crazy hair. Especially around hair cut time.

Piccinigirl said...

Keifer you are AWESOME!!!! that self portrait is GREAT.

love the way she talks about herself, what an amazing little girl!


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