Friday, September 11, 2009

Goodwill & Craig

I have to say, I always love to save a buck or two. My friend and I are always so proud when we find cute things for a great deal- and I'm not afraid to share where I got things. You like my shirt! "Thanks, I found it at TARGET, can you believe it?". LOL.

Anyhoo, the past two weeks have been great for succesful finds at Goodwill and Craigslist, of all places. I always knew Craigslist COULD be good, but not always lucky in the timing department. Last week, we found a like-new (sparkling clean) Exersaucer for Kyla for $30. The thing retails for $100! Talk about a good deal!

Thursdays at Goodwill are "Toddler Thursdays"; everything toddler or kid related is 50%. I randomly stop by the one near my work now and then to see if there are any good finds for my kids or my classroom. Yesterday, I was lucky. I found a super cute chalkboard for my classroom (table sized) and a like- new stamping kit for my fine motor area: both for super cheap prices. For home, I found this awesome "
Mini Monet" set for Keifer. The girl loves her big (standing up) easel with chalkboard and whiteboard, and this one is table sized. It came with all the markers, one piece of chalk and paintbrush, and all the stencils/shape (that are magnetic and stick to the whiteboard/chalkboard). I got it all for $3.50. Once home, I cleaned it up and it is also sparkling clean (like new). Crazy: a $20 toy for $3.50 at Goodwill! Who wouldn't thought? I also found an adorable board book (like new) for Kyla for $1! Gotta love that!

Our girl getting down to some drawing business
This was early in the night: eventually, the whole board was blue, as we her hands from all the "cleaning" she had to do :)


Laura said...

Oh! Me, too!

I love yard sales, Goodwill, CG, and Thrift stores. Just this morning, I found a shirt for myself, a sweater for Ally, a winter coat for Isaac, and a new book for the kids at our local thrift store. $6 for all! :)

kristine said...

You know, I have never scoped out the Goodwill scene, but craigslist! I am a HUGE fan of CL. Yay for your great finds!

Wendy and Karen said...

Those are some great finds!


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