Monday, September 28, 2009

Kyla rolls! Rolling, rolling, rolling.....

She did it, she did it! Last week, Kyla rolled over for the first time. She hung out in this position for quite some time, happily munching on her hands (as always). The girl loves to suck on her fingers/hands, but won't take a pacifier. Oh no. Diva spits it out and makes a face as if to say "WHAT is that gross thing?". LOL. She had her upper leg steadily thrown over the bottom leg.....

look how long and lean she looks!
Close up of our smiling cherub
And over she goes, with big sissy K1 taking pictures to record the momentous occasion. Keifer might be good at being a paparazzi, no?
And a video of the good times that roll in our home!

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