Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Our puppers playing

It's been awhile since I've posted any videos or pictures of just our beloved Tboy & Sass, but here they are last night, playing like the good ol' days. However, it does appear that Sage wasn't all that into playing with a frisky Treble!
We are just so happy he was a happy, playful dog. The previous night, he was sick with some type of poo'ing issues, and even crawled into bed with us(which he never does in the middle of the night). My heart was hurting for him. CJ went home early to take him out (repeatedly) and his poo was still icky, if there was any , and he even threw up. After I got home, we called the vet and decided to take him in. Chris took the puppers and we found out Treble has some type of intestinal bug -so he is now on some new meds for his bug, on top of a new allergy pill (because he's been incessantly licking and biting at his paws and legs lately), and his anti-seizure meds that he has been on for the summer. Whew. Poor Tboy- we laughed that we'll need those pill cases with the days of the week listed on it for his medications alone each day!
Luckily, his spirits didn't seem affected by the 3 shots he received at the vet, as you can see in his playful demeanor. Man, I love these puppers.

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