Saturday, September 05, 2009

Elmo & Friends

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be "in the know" of a dress rehearsal for the Sesame Street Live production of "When Elmo Grows Up". Basically, a friend of a friend, etc., gave me the inside scoop, so I told Keifer the night before that when she woke up on Saturday morning, we were going to drive (an hour!) in the car and go see the "Elmo show!". She was beyond thrilled, to say the least!

The next morning, I was up early, and ready to take my girl once she awoke to see her beloved Elmo and friends. Oh my goodness, you guys! It was AMAZING! We were lucky to be third row, my girl and I, and she rocked out in the aisle, singing and dancing with the characters on the stage. She was a bit freaked out (to say the least) when they came down to shake hands (she would shake her head in a frenzy "NO!" when I asked if she wanted to go hug them). She did very well, and I do have to say, she seemed to really enjoy this particular show more so than the one we took her to in January. On one hand, she is older and more aware of what is going on, but I think the theme was also more understandable to her (aka it is hard for a 21 month old to understand "being green"). We are so lucky and blessed to have friends who think of us (Thanks, Natalie!), and our Keifer girl, who loves her Elmo so. In fact, she loves him SO much, she now thinks she's able to see the Elmo Show ALL the time. LOL. She wakes up quite often asking if we're going to see Elmo tonight?

I also am amazed that the other day, out of the blue, she mentioned to me something about Elmo wanting to be a "something" when he grows up, just like in the show, so it does resonate with the kids for longer than I realized!

K1 loved the "Elmo's World" bit, and the fact that they even had a Mr. Noodle was great!

Our girl doesn't enjoy her picture being taken as much these days! Here she is saying "NO, mama" as you can tell!
Cookie Monster. This is the reason ( I think?) that our girl now shuts her door at night, and says, "me no want Cookie Monster come get me!". Oh boy!

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