Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mama likes:

I loved movies this summer. Kyla accompanied me to Harry and The Proposal, but Daddy and I got a date night with they hysterical The Hangover. Loved it. I also was able to enjoy Julie & Julia with my childhood friend, Jess, in Duluth (delightful!), and last weekend, The Time Traveler's Wife with Courtney and her friends. I knew The Time Traveler's Wife was iffy- as I loved this book. Usually, I read books and love them, and the movie always feels so distant and shallow, due to the lack of emotions that you feel while reading a book. This was the case for this movie- I felt like I was observing it abut not really enjoying it, if that makes any sense. In any case, if you hadn't read the book, I felt it was a pretty good movie, but again, the book was 100% better in my "book".
I think the best part about coming home from 2 of these movies listed above was Keifer meeting me at the door upon my arrival home, taking my face in her hands, and asking me, "mama, you have fun? You have fun with your friends?". Ahh, yes, baby, I did have fun! Yep, our girl is very into "did you have fun" or "I had fun today, mama!" when we've had a play date that day. My heart sings with joy when she does this! She is too cute.

I'm excited for All About Steve, and hope that is as good as it looks (aka funny), as I now have a huge crush on Bradley Cooper (blush).

I fell in love with cheesy Lifetime movies this summer; many a day, Kyla and I sat together and watched, and this was also true with Live with Regis and Kelly. Huge blushing going on here.

I am almost complete with my 50 book challenge thanks to wonderful, engrossing mysteries by Tess Gerritsen, Karin Slaughter, and other great recommendations from magazines aplenty. I just finished The Help and highly recommend that book to anyone. I find time to read when CJ is driving us somewhere, when I'm in the bathroom (even brushing my teeth!), and before bed, once the girls are settled down.

I was able to finally shop a Trader Joe's here in St Paul- it's on our route home from Baby Ballroom (which K1 and I still attend on Monday nights). Keifer and I fell in love with their mild fresh salsa - the best store bought salsa ever, in my opinion. I also love their honey wheat pretzel sticks and Keifer loves their mango apricot yogurt! Yum.

I've been trying very hard to get back on the workout bandwagon this summer, after finally healing from my Csection. I'm getting back into some good work out routines, and the weight is finally budging, thank goodness. I'm still in that battle of hating the scale, but trying to remember I just had a baby and my body/hips have changed (for the better! I had a baby! Two , in fact!). I met with a personal trainer again last week - a friend of my coworker's - whom I met with last summer and last Fall for a regimen. I love Heather. She evaluated me and came up with some finding that were very interesting about my lower body, and set up a workout routine that builds strength into my body and helps budge that weight.

Apparently, my knees (which have always been awful thanks to Dance line in high school- those knee drops were killers!), are not "tracking' when I do squats like they are supposed to. Not surprisingly, I often have knee pain. Heather also discovered my right side glute is "weak"- it doesn't give my body any support, so when I try to do things with just my right leg, I get all tippy/wobbly and fall over.

Heather came up with an intense strength building workout that also tones muscles, and works on my core and arms. I love her. With this workout alone, I am burning tons of calories and feel like I'm actually doing something to my body for the better. If you are able to meet even one time with a personal trainer (especially on with a degree in it) I recommend it. The best $50 I have ever spent on myself this summer! So, I'm hoping to get back into the size 10 jeans I was wearing pre-PG with Kyla last Fall!

And sadly, I return to the work force tomorrow. I had thought I was OK with it, knowing that Kyla will be in wonderful hands with Elaine, and having big sissy there to watch over her and report about her day. However, I'm once again feeling so sick to my stomach. I had the same feelings when Keifer started daycare. All my love goes into these girls and not being to be with them every day all day is going to be so hard. I just hope I don't throw up in my mouth like I did the day I dropped Keifer off for the first time. Uggg. Work is a good thing- I enjoy my job and helping children and families improve on their skills, etc., but really, the real work is at home, right? *sigh*. Already I'm excited for NEXT summer, when we can really have a great time and do more fun things as a family!


Bookerson said...

It is so fun to read of you and your family. I have a little one from DE also.

I feel the same way about work. My 'real' work is at home. I am always so happy when I see my little man at the end of the day!

I envy your reading ability. I always fall asleep as I am reading a book in bed!

Wendy and Karen said...

I love reading your blog and seeing your babies' smiling faces.

Heather said...

I go back to work next Tuesday. Lots of luck to you for your first week back.


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