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I apologize about the seemingly run-on paragraphs. I had this all spaced out, but apparently am not able to "publish" this without it all clumping together. SO SORRY

It's been awhile since I've updated on our Keifer girl- other than the millions of pictures and mini-stories I've posted about our summer get togethers.

Our girl is a highly intelligent (in our opinion- smile) girl who is able to carry on simple conversations with us, and is constantly amazing us with her thoughts and reflections on her day to day life.
She also is in the prime time of her "terrible 2's" period, in which everything is turned into a dramatic situation, and she will change her mind 2-3 times in a period of 2 minutes. It's crazy, it really is. I feel like this little child is like my best friend most of the time- in what we talk about and all the hugs and kisses we share, and in a flash, I can be fighting with her tooth-and-nail about the most mundane thing in the world. She is very dramatic- as I've mentioned many times before, and tears can be produced at the drop of a pin.
Keifer girl loves her baby sister to pieces still, but is still unsure about how to be gentle around her or with her. She likes to play wheels on the bus with Kyla's legs, but will forget how gentle to be and ends up dragging Kyla's body and attempting to lift her little head off the ground. When tickling Kyla the other day to make her laugh, I realized after the fact that our girl thinks that PUSHING on her baby sister's tummy is the appropriate thing to do to make her laugh. So no, we don't leave her alone with Kyla, not for an instant.
When discussing going to visit Great Grandma Hanson in Duluth, Keifer remembered from 2 months previous that Grandma had a cat. "The cat bite me" she told me, when in reality, the cat and her never got anywhere near each other. "I 'cared of the cat" she repeated to me, over and over, until it was the theme of the evening ("I scared of the cat"). The next day, as we visited Grandma and saw the actual cat, things went just fine. She still (one month later) will mention the cat at Great Grandma's house out of the blue.
"Mama, this rock music? Dance, mama!" our girl rocks her head back and forth in the back seat, and loves to dance with her whole body to any type of music.
One day, Styx was on the radio Come Sail Away. Keifer had never heard that song before, yet she told me, from the back seat, "mama, that's my favorite!'
She is infatuated with the Imagination Movers, and especially their song Shakable You. She even sings it to Kyla- "Shakable Kyla" is what she says, and attempts to shake Kyla's arms.
For a phase, our girl was into shaking her own powder onto her bum. She literally shook it with all her might, and for weeks, we had powder remnants all over the bed and her body.
When in Duluth, she spilled some milk on the floor of Nana's kitchen, and proceeded to attempt to JUMP in the milk. No, honey, it's not a puddle.
When going to bed at night, we tell her to close her eyes and mouth and to rest her body for the next day. We typically get Keifer telling us "I can't - it's too heavy!" I'm not sure if she means her eyes are too heavy, or it's too difficult, but either way, it's pretty funny.
She is also going through a "I'm scared" phase at night. The other night, she told me she had to close her bedroom door: "I don't want monsters to come get me!" Monsters? Where did she get that? She also mentions to me that she doesn't want "whales to come eat me up" after we read the book I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean that day, and doesn't want Dinosaurs to come get her when we listen to the Laurie Berkner's We Are The Dinosaurs.
I wonder if she has night terrors or nightmares, as her imagination is becoming so vivid and we read so many books. She wakes up about one time per night, and half the time, she is either crying hard or occasionally, she is screaming for us. It worries me.
On potty training: we aren't as far as I had hoped we would be. Keifer goes in spurts of going on the potty *pee pee* really well for Elaine or myself, or her Nana Dian, but is inconsistent and isn't interested in poo'ing on the potty, in fact, she seems scared of it. I attribute that to her constipation issues and fear of it hurting.
When she does go potty, she gets an M&M, and of course, she gets to pick the colors. She is my little shadow throughout the day, and especially when I have to go potty. She is very interested in what I've done, "mama, you poop? Mama, you pee pee?", and we have to look at it when we're done, because the few times she's pooped, we look at it. We then say goodbye to the excrement, and I get told, "good job, mama, I SO proud of you! You get M!" I'm so thrilled that I have a little supporter when I go potty- now if SHE would be the one going!
Hair is always an issue. Some days, I'm able to comb and make her hair "pretty" and she'll pick out the rubber bands and bow barrettes - some days 4 bows at once! This day, she wanted 3 ponies, I convinced her 2 were OK, and when I did this style, she looked in the mirror and said "Mama, I look like a bunny rabbit!"
We are always hearing about how Keifer "doesn't like it' or "doesn't want it", especially when eating. The girl could eat an entire plate of food (and she can eat whole cans of soup or whole cans or mini-ravioli's), and suddenly "I don't like it!". We try to remind her that she does like it, she is just "done" eating and is full. Apparently she has difficulty when realizing being done isn't the same as not liking something.
She also doesn't like "yellow' when we have sandwiches. Ahh, yes, MUSTARD! "I don't like yellow, mama, no yellow".
Keifer is very in tune with what mama or daddy drinks or eats,and every time she goes to Target with CJ (not me, but CJ) and if they buy me my Tazo Chai tea, she tells me, "Mama, I got your tea"! I go to Target and get your tea!" One night, as I rocked her, she reminded me out of the blue that she had bought my tea (days ago), and that daddy drank coffee, and so did Papa Dale and Nana Dian. If fact, "Papa got Nana her coffee!". I asked Nana Dian about it, and this was true- Papa had gotten Nana her coffee that day, as it was her birthday. Keifer also accompanied Papa and Nana to Nana' favorite, "The Cracker Barrel" (where Keifer loves to dip green beans in ketchup), and she told the waitress herself it was her Nana's birthday (it was) and they had "strawberry cake!" (strawberry shortcake). Keifer loves the Cracker Barrel, as that is the "checkers" place: on their porch, they have checkers set up and K1 loves to play them with Papa.
Keifer loves our neighborhood Mexican restaurant Teresa's and waves hello to it whenever we pass by driving. She is able to order her own meal there, her usual: cheese quesadilla and rice! She also knows that she gets a balloon when we leave Teresa's, and she knows where the children's menus and crayons are located. On more than one occasion, she'll walk into the place, and walk right to the cupboard and pick out her own crayons and menu. Ahh, a little precocious?
elevator= alligator
And the best: McDonald's is "Old McDonalds", in which she also breaks into the song by the same name. Papa Jim took her and cousin Abby to McDonald's play land months ago, and she still talks about this when we drive by (we live near a McDonald's). She talks about Papa and Abby going there, and how Old McDonald's is now "shut"- and then she slaps her hands together like doors shutting closed, because Papa told her McDonald's play land was "shut" the next day, instead of visiting there again. Hee hee.
Grammar is coming along: the other day, she told me "I eat those french fries all!" (aka "I ate all my french fries!"
K1 loves her baths (usually) and loves to float on her back and get her hair all wet. She freaks me out when she does this, for some reason, but we're always there watching, so nothing will happen. This time, she was telling me "No, Mama, no pictures!" as you can tell by her stern look. But then she livened up for me! And as you can see, the girl loves her tats! (tattoos)

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