Friday, July 31, 2009

When Kyla Smiles......'s like the whole world just stopped and all that there is, is just me and my girl and my other girl next to me, and my husband and my dogs. All the love in my chest makes it puff out with the sheer joy of it.

Ahhh. I love this peanut girl so much. Her sister, too. *sigh*.
And for some reason, writing this post reminded me of the movie Savannah Smiles from the early '80's. Remember that? It always made me tear up, but I loved it as a child.


FinnLand said...

Ohhhh!!! She is just too cute!! It's so wonderful when they start showing their little personalities.

Jonathan and Tara said...

Oh I loved that movie! And your baby is so cute :)

Tara @

Jeni said...

So sweet, and hey we have the same swing!

Laura said...

She's beautiful!

Piccinigirl said...

wow, is she CUTE or what???? I love that smile Kyla!!!!! You are so beautiful!


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