Thursday, July 30, 2009

Exercise and big ol' slides

Last weekend, we hit the Leprechaun Days in a nearby 'burb. Keifer enjoyed the small county-like fair they had, but she didn't want to ride on anything after she experienced the monster slide with both daddy and I. It was $12 well spent!

Here are some video clips: HERE
And after the clip of her on the truck going around the track was taped, we had to have the guy stop the ride: our girl was screaming and crying to get off. I guess she isn't ready to ride any type of ride alone (oops).

Here is our big girl trying to imitate mommy stretching out and doing squats around the living room. Disregard my thighs - ha- not a fan of that. HERE

And here she was last week, not understanding just what I was doing when I was trying to do some planks. HERE

Now when I go to the gym, Keifer seems to understand that I'm going to exercise (not that she really "gets" what it is); but, I hope she values that someday. Last night, I was getting ready to go to dinner with CJ and the girls and when I came down the stairs, K1 asked me if I was going to the gym! Now if I could bring her with to the child care without 1) her getting freaked out when I leave her and 2) me not feeling guilty to leave her there, we'd be all good!

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