Monday, July 06, 2009

Poop, baby, Poop!

For some reason, Keifer is obsessed with talking about Poop lately. Yuck. Poop. Last weekend, I had the girls up in Duluth with my family. CJ stayed home to work and be with the puppies.

When asked where her daddy was, Keifer answered: "Daddy at home, he pooping. He poop on the big girl potty." She then proceeded to pretend to squat and "push" the poop out, complete with the grunting and look of concentration on her face.


Then, last night, Keifer was having some pooping issues (surprise, surprise). When we saw she was concentrating on going, we rushed her to the potty, where she sat for about 10 minutes, but managed to get her poop out (yay!). While sitting there with her, she was very chatty.

She then told me: "Mama, we don't eat poop. It's gross" (complete with look of disgust on her face).

Um, thanks Keifer, for that enlightening tidbit of information. I'll be sure to remember that.



Jamie said...

It must be a 2 year thing. Glad to know my 2 year old is not the only one obessed with poop, lol. She says, Awe, poop.... I hold it? I kiss it?" Talk about gross,lol!!!

Jeni said...

Must be a common phase of this age, Skyler told me the same thing (no eat poop) the other day. Lol.

Marketing Mama said...

I love it. Do you have any books about poop? We have "Everyone Poops" and it talks about (and shows) drawings of lots of different animals pooping. (Whales have big poop. mice have tiny poops).

Seriously get it. She's at the perfect age. My son Looooooooved it. :)


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