Monday, July 06, 2009

Duluth with the girls

Last weekend, I ventured up north to Papa Dale & Nana Dian's house with Keifer & Kyla. Luckily, both girls slept most of the 2 hour, 45 minute drive! YEEHAW! I was sad to leave the puppies behind, but Daddy took good care of them (and got lots of uninterrupted rest!).

I have a ton of pictures, but here are a few to share of the family fun we all had! Enjoy!
Keifer & "Auntie" Becky
Great Auntie Nancy
Cousins Nate & Brittany
Keifer loved playing with Nate- he was so good with her
Our girl putting her own sunscreen on
Everybody should wear a PAPA watch on their upper arm, no?
Me & my friend Jess- we've been friends since we were 10! This is her 8th child (yes, 8th!) - our girls are 2 weeks apart!
Giving Great-Grandma a hug goodbye
Kyla's first trip to the Elbo Room - a must for our family! LOL
Uncle Darren escorting his favorite niece to the car
Keifer told Uncle Darren that she was going to ride in his "big red truck" to watch "races" (aka stock car races! LOL - this was news to all of us!)
Great Auntie Jeanne meets Kyla and feeds her
Silly Papa Dale - that hat is too small!
Nana Di enjoying Uncle Danny's puppy Jay
Nana & her girls
Nana and Keifer grooving
Keifer & her friend, Holland- who was thrilled to meet Miss Kyla!
Great Auntie Barbara ("Bobra" to Keifer) meeting Kyla
And that's all, folks. I have many, MANY more pictures, but that would take all day! LOL


LutherLiz said...

Looks like a great weekend! Your girls are just so cute and precious. Want to do a playdate soon? We need to take baby goat out to the zoo sometime and just get out of the house more often. :)

Bookerson said...

All I have to say about your post is...eight kids? eight?! Wow!


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