Friday, May 08, 2009

Talk talk talk...and how do you really feel?

As I am always writing about, Keifer is one verbal little girl. She really is amazing in her ability to put sentences together, including "I" statements.
Well, last night she had me and CJ laughing our arses off at her, as she got really frustrated and "MAD" at us, and didn't hesitate to tell us!

We were grilling out on our postage-stamp sized deck, and Keifer was going in and out of the house, repeatedly, opening and closing the screen door (in which she hurt her thumb on Sunday), and standing on her bench on the deck, scaring the daylights out of us. After reminding her to sit on her bum, not stand, for her safety, and repeating ourselves on "not pushing on the screen door" - she had had ENOUGH of her mama and daddy telling her what to do.

CJ reminded her "enough" of pushing the screen door, and she got all huffy and agitated looking, backed up away from him on the deck and exclaimed: "something something -(? no touch?) Keifer, I very mad right now!" Complete with a very annoyed expression on her face!


How can you not break out in giggles listening to a just -turned-2 year old tell you she's very mad (and calling herself by her name?). LOL.
Well, we do work on her using her words versus her hands or I guess it is sinking in! Slowly, but surely!

Also - one of her new favorite phrases, much to my dismay, is "OH - MY- GOSH" - and I don't mean a simple "oh my gosh" - oh, no. This is said with every ounce of drama the little girl has in her soul. She'll be looking at a book, or see something on our drives and exclaim this phrase very often : "OH -MY- GOSH!". Yep, somebody at Elaine's must say that, because my phrase of choice is usually "oh my goodness".

And....we are working on the concept baby sister arriving with K. She isn't really going to understand this until Kyla arrives at home, this we know, but it's slowly sinking in. Instead of patting her belly and saying "my baby", she now pats her belly and says "baby sister coming!". While eating our wonderfully grilled dinner last night, we were asking her if she'd share her room with her new baby sister, and she opened her mouth in amazement and shrieked "YES!!!!!". LOL. Oh, K, let's see how it goes!

Then, this morning while CJ was getting her dressed, he asked her if she had a good night's sleep. She very seriously looked at him, and said "yes, daddy, I sleep good". She then sat up, and told us very matter of fact "my baby sister coming!". So this baby sister concept must be whirling around inside her little head. I just wonder how much sense it makes to her?


Michele (Moosh) said...


Ask my parents, Alex has been saying this, too!!! VERY dramatically for about 2 months now...for some reason we FREAK about it and correct him with "Oh My Goodness"...but it is sooo funny!

Today he came up to me and said "OH.MY.GOSH. Mom. Maddie just tooted. Right now. It was loud, Mom. Maddie stinky. Real stinky, Mom." I just about died with laughter.

Our kids, I tell you, our kids! Yes, we MUST get them together...can you imagine the laughs????

Wendy and Karen said...

Oh I love this! "I very mad!" Too funny.

Kylie likes to point at her cheeks with both index fingers and say, "I'm crying" in the most pitiful voice as the tears run down. It's hard not to laugh at them.


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