Friday, May 08, 2009

Owies: not the first, and certainly not the last

While out on a walk w/daddy the other night, our girl was the unfortunate recipient of a rope burn from the dogs' leashes (not sure which one). I myself have a few marks left over on my ankles from previous summers of getting tangled in a leash while one of them has gotten excited and caught me in their crossfire.
Our poor girl.
Apparently, CJ said she cried at first, but then seemed OK and really, I didn't realize for about 10 minutes when they came back home that she even HAD an owie on her face. It looked really bad the first night, but it is quickly scabbing over and shrinking in size.
*sad face*
I just hope it doesn't scar. I feel so awful, but not as bad as daddy feels about it.
We've been lubing the spot up with some Bacitracin ointment, and will use some vitamin E oil on it as well. Previous to these pictures being taken, our girl had picked at it, causing it to bleed, which makes it looks pretty nasty in the pics. Please send our girls some "heal quickly" vibes!

Checking herself out in the mirror


DMB said...

Omigosh, poor girl!! Amazing how tough they are, though!


Nada in Australia said...

That looks very sore. I hope it heals quickly. Big hugs

Michele (Moosh) said...

Oh, poor sweetie!!!! You're right though, won't be the last. *Sigh*

Hugs to Chris. These things happen...he's an amazing daddy!!!!


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