Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How is Keifer doing lately?

Keifer has been amazing through the last week and half. Being that I'm an emotional wreck and drained, she is doing wonderfully. She had lots of attention last week during the birth week from both sets of Nanas and Papas, and then this weekend, her and Daddy were best pals. They spent most of Sunday shopping and eating out, and having fun taking pictures with daddy's IPhone.

She gets anxious at nighttime and insists that one of us sit in the rocking chair in her room until she falls asleep, and wakes up early crying out for me ("mama!"), but I think that has to do with her lack of understanding of what the big changes are that are going on around her.

She does know, as I'm mentioned before, that mentioning mama + hospital + Kyla = "Mama, you sad? You crying, mama?". She is too smart for her own good. I just keep reassuring her that I love her so much, and that she makes me so happy and makes me smile so big. I also tell her that mama is sad because we have to leave Kyla at the hospital to get better so she can come home to be with us. She "seems" to get all excited when we tell her that she will have her baby sister home with us.

cuddles with daddy on the couch
Keifer and "her" baby Kyla in their car seat
Daddy took our girl out to eat on Sunday while mama was at the hospital- they had lots of fun with the camera! *and yeah,our girl needs a bang trim BAD*
yeah, cheese grin
this was Keifer as I was frantically getting ready to leave for the hospital- doing her "nails" and pulling ALL the dental floss out of the case- Nice.
Napping with Daddy
Cuddles with daddy on Friday when mama was still in the hospital
Monday- playing at my friend Allison's house - I love this picture!
having an afternoon snack with Christian and Jackson
...and Keifer, 2 days before mama had Kyla: showing off HER baby bump.

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