Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Shoes, shoes, shoes, and more new stuff

A few weeks ago, while Daddy was in Grand Forks helping his parents, my parents (Nana Di and Papa Dale) came down to help with K. We had a fun weekend, other than a few meltdowns, including a nasty one while we were out to eat at our favorite Mexican place down the road. Nice. But I digress.....

Anyhoo..........Nana loves to spoil her granddaughter, and that weekend was no different! (Thanks, Nana!). She had just paid for a box of new short sleeve shirts, some leggings, socks, and a pair of shorts from Gymboree (only the sale or clearance items, of course!), and we went shopping that Saturday for some new shoes. Oh, and even Kyla got some new cute onsies for next winter - how can you resist when they are $2.99?

*on a side note, K's favorite video to watch on her Sesame Street website is one with Neil Patrick Harris as a shoe fairy. Sounds silly, which it is, but I guarantee, once you watch this, you too, will be singing the damn "shoes, shoes, shoes" tune all.the.time. like we do. K loves when we said "new shoes?", of course, she was beaming!*

Anyhoo, we found out at Stride Rite that my girl has a wide foot. Not too new of information, BUT it made it crystal clear WHY the adorable See Kai Run shoes she wears always seem to fall off her heel or make her trip. Apparently, wide feet = narrow heels, which can cause shoes to fall off. *sob*. So it looks like we'll be sticking to Stride Rites with their "Wide" selection for awhile *sigh*. Not that they don't have cute shoes, etc.. , but a little variety would be nice, especially since a few pair of their sandals didn't come in wide, and mama wanted them *hurmpf*.

Anyhoo, these are the new tennis we got K, and I could NOT find a picture of her new sandals anywhere on the web, (they are called the Santa Maria fisherman style) but they are similar to the one I show here; however, they are more hot pink, and are closed toe (for the protection of little toes that are still not as coordinated as they should be!)
Anyhoo, the girl who helped us suggested a size up from our girls' BIG foot (almost an 8) since the summer is a few months away, and Lord knows she'll grow some more. Yes, we got her size 9's: I swear, they look like clown shoes! LOL. Anyhoo, K loves her new shoes, and especially loved wearing the sandals around the house the first night. I like that they are waterproof: aka easy to clean!

Nana also splurged on some new lighter weight PJ's from TCP for K, as well as some yoga pants on the clearance rack *love clearance items* (and well, my girl can't wear pants with snaps, so yoga pants and elastic waist it'll have to be, Buddha belly!). She also got this adorable shirt - which cracks my arse up every time I look at it:

And.....K's 2 year pictures are scheduled for April 18, so we decided on this dress, which was also on sale...and girl looks very vibrant in green! Our girl (well, OK, Mama!) was very excited to show daddy her new items when he came home the following week!

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Michele (Moosh) said...

I have that same saying on a shirt for Alex--I bought it when he was 3 months old (to wear when he's TWO)and have no idea where it is! LOL

Must be packed up since we were supposed to have moved forever ago!



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