Friday, March 27, 2009

Flooding = not good

I haven't posted much about the flooding in my CJ's home state, but many /most of you may have heard about the flooding in the state of North Dakota. There has been much drama about this in our household.

Well, CJ's parents are in Grand Forks, and he and his brother left yesterday for an indefinite amount of time to assist in the precautions for the flooding that will most likely occur there (again). They had major flooding in 1997, and CJ's home was ruined.

At this point,
Fargo is getting hit the hardest by the Red River. It's awful. CJ has family in Fargo, and we're not sure how they are doing at this point. CJ said his father broke down in tears this AM, predicting that half the city will be lost.
At this point, CJ and his brother are assisting his parents in taking the necessary precautions for their own home. He sent some pictures last night of their back yard:

Here is the line up to the side of their house, of college student volunteers sandbagging. Apparently, they are running low (as of last night) on sand bags.....
Here is CJ's parent's back yard - the dirt they had hauled in, to put on TOP of the dike/levy they have under their grass
You can see all is frozen. See the shed in the bottom left corner? That is halfway underwater, but the water is frozen. I guess it's pretty surreal.
There are no predictions for CJ's home town yet, only that they think the river will crest there sometime next week. His parents have a moving truck coming Monday AM to come take away all their basement things (which is a lot).
Please send any prayers you can spare to the people of North Dakota. Thank you.


kristine said...

My heart just aches for all of the people that have to deal with this flooding. I hope his parents' house will be ok. Thinking of everyone..

Anonymous said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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