Friday, April 10, 2009

Just the beginning of the birthday SLEW of pictures........

The birthday party fun started on Wednesday, at Elaine's house for K. Mama brought 2 packages of freshly made "mini muffins", and the kids devoured them! We all sang the "happy birthday" song to Keifer, and she blew out her own 2 candles! All the kids had muffins and I think most of them also had 2 mini-ice cream cones! :) K was so lucky: Elaine gave her a new book, a new basket of pretend food for her kitchen, and a cookie notepad, that K was confused about! LOL She kept biting it!

Then, the kids played outside.....and mama took Keifer home, only to present her with an early gift from mama and daddy: a new Princess dress. I told her this was her "dancing" dress, so she put it on, and promptly spent much time dancing with mama to "Dancing with the Stars". Our girl, being our girl, was a little huffy because they weren't doing the Lindy Hop like they were last week, but she liked the Paso Doble when Melissa & Tony did it.

If you click HERE, you can see the sequence of video clips of K being sung to by her friends, opening a gift, and dancing in her new dress. The last video- you'll hear her say "No, pop, POP!"- which means "Lindy Hop!" Yes, she has a mind of her own!
Eating her birthday muffin
LOVING the ice cream
Big girl playing outside
Trying on her new Princess Dress
Getting ready to dance (shake it!) in her new dress


Wendy and Karen said...

Happy Birthday Darling Keifer!

You are such a delight and your smiles and stories brighten my day.

Congratulations Mom and Dad on two successful parenting years. You have a healthy, happy, blessed little girl--well done you!!

Jeni said...

Hooray! Happy Birthday Keifer, and congrats to you (Carrie) on two years as a mama. Her new dress is darling.


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