Tuesday, April 14, 2009

But in the meantime.....

K's bday was here and gone in the blink of an eye. We celebrated Friday night (her actual Bday) at our fave Mexican place with our Finn friends joining us. K was a happy girl, proudly displaying the baby inside HER belly, and was a bit shell shocked to have the wait staff sing "Happy Birthday" to her. LOL. Pics to come.........

Saturday, mama and daddy ran around: mama in the kitchen making dips and prepping snacks for the party, and daddy to the stores to pick up the food and cake (and Elmo balloons, of course). K took a great nap, and had the greatest time of her life at the hotel we stayed at. The party was a hit with our family, the kids loved the 4-8 inch kiddie pool (yay for the awesomest pool ever), and K was over-the-moon to be playing with all her cousins: Abby, Mason & Aubrie. However, K did NOT sleep well that night (hence, mama didn't either, and it didn't help that daddy was snoring away in the same room). She was up early on Sunday ready to swim, and we did so for awhile. We all had Easter as a family (2 families combined) at the attached restaurant - um, YUM. Mama ate her fill of the $$ we spent on it. We were all exhausted beyond belief on Sunday, but our sweet girl was overtired and refused to nap. Instead, she spent the afternoon screaming and crying. Lovely.

Thankfully, yesterday (Monday) we were all back in our schedule- back to work and back to Elaine's house. K had a good day, so I took her to Ballroom last night, where she continued to entertain the crowds with her enthusiasm. LOL. Mama is STILL dragging today- due to the lack of sleep this weekend, the excitement dying down, and maybe, just maybe, the extra 30 lbs I'm now lugging around in front of me?

Pictures and video clips to come - oh yes, plenty of them. I've just had ZERO ambition to upload them! Forgive me?

To tide you over....here is a picture of Keifer with her beloved Abby (idol) cousin, and Uncle Corey. This was on Sunday night: we went over to visit with Nana Marge, and Carl and Wanda, who were in town until yesterday AM. K clearly is smitten with her family!
This pic was taken on CJ's IPhone- I think it turned out pretty darn well for a cell phone!

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Nada in Australia said...

Happy Birthday, to a beautiful little girl. It looks as though you had some fun. Congratulations to Mum and Dad for doing a great job.


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