Saturday, April 25, 2009

2 year stats/check up:

Keifer had her 2 year check up with Dr. J this AM (gotta love Saturday morning appointments!). She did great, and is advanced (no surprise) in her verbal and fine motor skills. Gross motor wise, there are still some issues but she'll be fine - such as always needing to go FAST, tripping (walks towards the ball of her foot more), and hesitancy with her riding toys. At least she can jump, and gallop and loves to dance (which I think is helping with those skills). When you're a big girl, it takes time to get that big ol' body under control, right? :)
Anyhoo, our girl is off the charts for her age - also not a big surprise. We always knew she was a BAB (big ass baby) but man oh man, no wonder the shirt in the above picture is a 4T and fits just perfectly!
Weight: 35.4 lbs
Length: 37 inches
Head: 50 1/2 cm (no wonder 2-5T hats barely fit her melon!)
Things we'll be doing: switching from whole milk to regular milk (1% or 2% I'm sure), trying some Zyrtec, as our girl seems to have some awful allergies JUST like mama (which amazes me, as she's not 'genetically' mine), and continuing to work on the potty training. Our girl loves to try to go potty, but has recently decided she loves the flushing part of the potty training more. Hence, we have a child who will hop on the potty seat, sit for 2.2 seconds, jump off and flush. Dr. J warned us (as we know) that when baby Kyla comes, we'll be seeing some regression with Keifer in some areas, so potty training isn't AS important at this point as it will be in the future. Still, I'm happy our girl is interested in it!
The worst part of the visit was the end, when K had to get a shot in her leg - the 2nd part of her Hepatitis A vaccine. She screamed and cried, but luckily the cookie monster sticker took her mind off the owie. Mama always tears up during shots, too: I hate to see my girl in pain. Ouch.


Wendy and Karen said...

You cracked me up with the BAB bit. She's so beautiful.

Mel said...

Just popping-in via L&F to comment on a previous post about passing your GT test...congrats!

I couldn't help but notice you're a fellow Minnesotan...but you must live much further south in the state if you're already sporting cute shorts and tank tops. I'm jealous!

Yipee for a great check-up with your ADORABLE little Keifer...and a HUGE congrats on 32 weeks!

Piccinigirl said...

My goodness, could she BE ANY CUTER??? seriously??? she is so beautiful Carrie, I can't take it.


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