Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My cousins & Me

Last weekend, we went over to K's cousin's for breakfast and to spend time with Nana Marge, who was unexpectedly in town after her flight home from Florida was delayed, hence she missed her connecting flight to Grand Forks. She stayed over at Corey & Jill's, and was so happy to see her 3 grandchildren for even just a few hours, before she boarded another plane home (finally).

K was in hog heaven. She was thrilled to get in the car to visit Abby & Mason, and once there, she followed them around like a puppy chasing a toy. She had just seen Abby and Auntie the previous night, as they babysat her while Daddy and Mommy went out on a double date (*gasp* a date!) with the Finns. We did dinner out and a comedy show- it was so fun. K had no qualms about us leaving her that night, as Abby is one of the lights in her life.

K's infamous words these days are, "what doin'?", and all you could hear was, "what doin', Abby?" over and over and over again. She also likes to know where everyone is, so if anyone left the room, she'd ask where they went, "where Nana go?". She does this at home as well, "what doin', mama", and it's so cute to see her little brain wheels turning in there, figuring out all the things we do in life.

K thinks she's hot stuff being on the top bunk of Abby's bunk beds, as she isn't allowed *yet* into the loft (bunk) at Elaine's house.
And, that would be water all over her shirt. She's learning how to drink smoothly out of an open cup still *smile*
The "silly" pic

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