Monday, March 23, 2009

Movie day & more

This weekend, Daddy was gone from Friday AM to Sunday around noon. It was the WCHA -college hockey play offs and his beloved Sioux were playing. A ton of his buddies from his hometown were in St Paul, so he had a lot of fun catching up, carousing and watching hockey. If you asked Keifer where daddy was, she'd tell you, "hockey game".

We had a great weekend, just me and my girl- she helped me with laundry (she loves to give out hangers), playing "row your boat" in the laundry baskets, watching clips of DVRed "Dancing with the Stars", and shopping (oh yes, her "whoo hoo, shopping!") at Target and Cub Foods. Auntie Jill brought pizza and K's cousins Abby & Mason over on Saturday night, and it was heartwarming to watch Keifer beam in the shadow of her beloved cousins.

We even showered together yesterday AM and I braved church alone with her -she did excellent and stayed in the nursery for almost 45 minutes with NO TEARS *yay*.
We got home and K screeched with excitement as her main man was home! Daddy raced pretty darn fast to get his precious angel girl out of my backseat!

Therefore, mama ran (not walked, ran! LOL) to the movie theater, my home away from home. I wanted to see something 'lighter', not so heavy (after Oscar season), and chose He's Just Not That Into You. I loved it! So funny and well, true, in the dating sense in many ways. I even teared up a little at different parts, sentimental geek that I am.

Then, I hit the nearby mall and found some more maternity short sleeve shirts. I have 2 or so months left, and barely any short sleeve/ springy/summer clothes that fit my RAPIDLY expanding belly. It killed me to even pay the $40 for 3 shirts that I did find at JCPenney- I refuse to pay $20 for a shirt that I'll only wear for 2 more months. *sigh*.

Anyhoo, after my last movie being Revolutionary Road - a major heavy drama at that- this movie was a great change of pace, and a relaxing and fun way to unwind after an action-packed weekend as single mommy.

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