Friday, March 13, 2009

"Hello, baby!", Owies, and stories to tell

Keifer's top 3 songs of the past few weeks are:

3) "Cecilia" by Simon & Garfunkel. "Celia" is her name for it - and we all know what she means as she screeches it from the backseat. "Mama, Celia!".

2) "Baby, song, Mama, Baby song" aka "Tell Me Baby" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. She bobs her head up and down, and side to side to this one, as I've modeled for her, and she'll say "lookit, mama" and then demonstrate her rocking out moves. I love it. She also says "what's the 'tory" - aka "what's the story".

1)"Hello, baby" - aka "Chantilly Lace" by the Big Bopper. Is there anything as cute as listening to your 23 month old sing along to the Big Bopper? I don't know.

There are other songs that make up this young child's daily request sheet, but I won't get into them all. It is almost exhausting trying to decipher her names for the songs that we play together in the car on a regular basis. I think it took me about 3 weeks now to decipher that "Hello, baby" was "Chantilly Lace!". She got sooooo frustrated with poor mama when I could NOT figure this song out. Although looking back, I should've caught on when she started going around the house saying, "hello, mama, hello, Treble, hello, Sager" in that long, drawn out Big Bopper way!


Owies are now the hot new topic in the Soup household. Last week, I fell down while walking the dogs - nasty ice. I thought it was just a wet sidewalk I was stepping on to, but alas, it was ice. I have no grace when it comes to walking apparently. I skinned my knee pretty badly, it was bloody and sore, and when I came home in tears, Keifer was immediately concerned. Well, one week and a few days later, our girl is STILL asking me on a daily basis about my knee.
"Mama, owie? Knee? All better?". I must reassure my girl that all is well. She is now convinced that daddy and her must have their knees checked out regularly, to check for owies, as well.

She seems to stub her toes quite a lot, and when I pushed the bathroom door open with my foot this AM, she was certain I had "stubbed toe". No, honey, I just used my foot.

She also seems to get a lot of owies just driving into work/Elaine's or playing in our house. Owies on her fingers, arms, lips, etc.. When the dogs lick her, it's initially an owie until I tease her saying it's a kiss. Oh, boy. Did someone say "drama queen?".


Story telling has also become a huge part of our days and nights together.
Last weekend, it was "Daddy, watch window, Treble poop". Translation: "Daddy, I watched out the window as you took Treble out to poop".

"Mama, ___ bump head. Owie". Translation: "Mama, ___ at Elaine's house bumped her head and got an owie". I asked Elaine for confirmation of this story and indeed, it was true!

There are other ones, but my PG brain is blanking out on them. They are really quite fun to listen to and makes CJ and I smile some more. Between our growing 23 month old drama queen and our 26 week old Kyla in utero, I don't have much to complain about! Life is good.

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Michele (Moosh) said...


We're at the same "conversation" stage. I love it!! Alex will just start telling me about things he's doing...the funniest was two days ago. "Mama, Maddie pooping in bahroom. Come see." LOL

Between my two chatterboxes there is a steady stream of narrative in this house! Have fun!


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