Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Sun'll come out, tomorrow

When I was little, one of my favorite movies was Annie. I went to the actual movie in a theater a few times,and remember it vividly. I had the soundtrack, a record, of course, and can remember skipping around my basement coffee table, singing along to all the songs.

In 3rd grade, I told my mom one day that I was going to put on a play in our basement, and she was to invite family over to watch and make some coffee and cake to serve. Mom then found me an old wig of hers and died it red. I had received the Annie locket (from Avon!), so wearing that, a red dress, and my newly dyed wig, me and my friend from down the road put on a play. My friend was "Molly". Then, we finished our short play by stepping up onto the ledge of our fireplace, and singing along to "Tomorrow". Ahh, memories.

I, of course, own the movie (on DVD) and over Christmas break, introduced Keifer to it one day as we were playing. She must have liked it, because a few days ago, out of the blue, she said, "watch Annie", which blew me away. She remembered this movie! Was she going to be a fellow Annie fan, just like mama?

So, we trekked down to the downstairs TV and I put it on. K prefers to watch the scenes that have songs and dancing in them, and she quickly has caught on to the fact that "the doggie" is named 'Sandy'. So cute. Just another reason to gush over my girl.

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Marketing Mama said...

That's adorable. I played it for my son Alex at around age 2.5. He loved the singing and dancing, too. His favorite was "hard knock life."

One day he was playing with his toys and said "KILL, KILL, KILL" My heart sank, my jaw dropped and I asked him where he heard that. He told me Miss. Flanigan said that on Annie. He was totally right - she said that!

So.... I accidentally (and sadly) "lost" Annie that night and he hasn't watched it since. Sorry to be a downer.


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