Friday, February 27, 2009

My girlie girl

Hi, Mama!
See this "pretty" in my hair? I ask you to put it in pretty much every day now! Mama likes it because it keeps your shaggy, overgrown bangs out of your eyes...and you look so adorable with it! And now, 2 girls (sisters, in fact) at Elaine's house want THEIR mama to put pretty pony tails in THEIR hair, because they saw how cool you were with yours in!
Ahh, yes. Your purse and baby's diaper bag. Whenever we leave to go in the car, which you insist upon quite often (Mama, go car!), you have to run over to your toy pile, and are only happy once you fine 1) one of your purses, and 2) baby's diaper bag. No girl is complete without getting into the car without them!

1 comment:

Wendy and Karen said...

Hair bows and purses. Delightful little girl. She makes me smile.


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