Saturday, February 07, 2009

Keifer pics - a load of 'em!

Trying to get caught up on Keifer pictures! I have a list somewhere of her cute things she's doing - she has been changing on a daily basis with the things she does and things she is saying. I thought I'd post some pictures to start and I'll update more with the info soon!

Here she is preparing something yummy on the stove of her new kitchen! *so serious*
enjoying the meal afterwards!
And, enjoying another meal on the stairs on another day (or was she "whisking" some eggs?)
Hi, mama!
Making sure baby gets a warm bottle
On another day, but she put baby "Kyla" in her seat and gave her some food and a bottle
The girl LOVES her ABC's! (she is always singing the song. ALWAYS.)
I love this: I call this the "Aftermath of an Artist"
Her latest thing: when she wants to watch "Elmo", she'll lay on the couch and pull the blanket up; she thinks she's hot stuff doing this!
Petting and saying goodbye to her best friend, Sager, before we leave for Elaine's one morning
She loves this doggie

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