Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Diapers - question

I know people use and really like their service.
If you do, tell me the pros and cons to it.
We recently received a coupon for $10 an order for them, as well as free shipping. How do their prices compare to someone like Costo/Sam's Club?
With another baby on the way, we'd like to "stock up" and start prepping pretty soon!
Thanks in advance!


Danielle said...

I haven't used them yet either, but recently did a post on using the $10 off and a magazine rebate offer of $14 (shown on the front page of to save a ton if you spend over $49(before the coupons).

Lynanne said...

Unless you use the offer that Danielle mentions, they usually are still more expensive than stores. Every store seems to have their own number of diapers in the mega/super/jumbo/etc size so you have to watch closely. Sam's Club only seems to have Huggies and their own generics (which seem to be pretty good except for the newborn stage). Target has constant rotating sales and you can use the manufacturer's coupons (register at, etc).

If you stock up, do so on the larger sizes. You might need to try different brands at the newborn stage to see what prevents blowouts best. With one of our children, it was pampers swadlers (yeah, the pricy ones), with the other it was luvs, and another it was huggies.

Marketing Mama said...

I have used them every month for so long I can't remember now - when I had two in diapers it was a god send... and even now.

They have a great selection, especially of "eco friendlier" diapers, as my little one was too sensitive and can't handle Huggies - long story. Anyhow, when I first researched it, they were equal to the prices at Sam's club... The shipping is always free if you order more than 49 dollars, which is easy to do.

The best part for me is the convenience. They send reminder e-mails maybe once a month with a list of my past order. They keep my credit card info... I order once a month (usually 2 cases of diapers) and it takes me under 3 minutes to just reorder (or change my order) and I'm done. 5 days later, poof they are on my doorstep. I don't have to haul them all over Target or try to fit them in my car.

I can't tell you how much I love them... LOVE THEM and love all the extra stuff they sell, too, like cute bibs, oh - and baby food by the case, too... they have a nice selection of organic stuff and green toys.

Just try them once and see what you think!


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