Thursday, January 29, 2009

K's fave book

Lately, every night, K has been requesting that CJ or I read her Daddy is a Doodlebug. For some reason, this catchy book that we've had forever has suddenly become so fun to her, and she is reading it along with us! So cute!
She likes to narrate when the daddy "go upstairs", when the daddy plays "peek" (peek a boo) -at first the daddy was crying in her view, but now he's playing peek. She also loves the language, and will say the last line of the catch phrase "daddy is a doodle bug, and I'm a doodlebug, too!" along with us.

This AM, as I was dressing her for Elaine's, she said to be "apple strudel bug"! Yep, our girl not only loves to eat apples and applesauce, but she also loves to read about them! LOL.

I also got a few new books from my monthly teacher Scholastic book order. I got her Everybody poops, as I'm sure that is a topic that will be so fascinating in our home in not too long (currently toots are pretty popular), as well as a book with stickers on getting dressed, and a Sesame Street book about brushing teeth. This cool book has a pop-up page with a monster opening his mouth, and a toothbrush (paper) on a string that you use to brush the monster's teeth. We're hoping that K practicing on her monster will help give her the help she needs in understanding that we just don't SUCK on the toothbrush- we brush our teeth with it! LOL. Ahh, how mommy loves to get books for our girl. Oh, and I also (spur of the moment) got her the book What a Wonderful World, because the pictures are beautiful (including LOTS of diversity, which is important to me), and I love the lyrics (which are the song of the same name).

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Piccinigirl said...

we LOVE That book too, mostly because we call them the Doodles and YOU YOU YOU gave it to us!!!!!
We read it about once a week and giggle and giggle, that John was my doodle and now our oodles will be just like daddy . :)


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