Thursday, January 29, 2009

20 weeks PG!

I'm 20 weeks PG today! WHOA! Halfway there! CJ and I have our big U/S tomorrow- we're doing a Level 2 , as I'll be 35 when Soupbaby #2 is born. I don't "think" we're going to find out the gender, but you never know, we may break down once we see our beautiful son/daughter floating inside mommy's tummy in front of our eyes.
Ugg, I'm so excited. It hasn't really hit me until just now. I've been too busy!
More to come! Vote in my poll! :) Just for fun- I really DO NOT know what we are going to do!


Ahuva Batya said...

I'm excited for you! Congratulation on this milestone!

LutherLiz said...

Yay! Good luck tomorrow whatever you decide!

MIP said...

So exciting! I still have to wait another week and a half for our big day. If you don't find out you have more willpower than me, I just have to find out :)

Jamie said...

I definitely could not handle not knowing!! You are a much stronger person than I am! :)

Eric, Cindy and Aidan said...

We didn't find out with Aidan, but have chosen to find out this time. I'm 15 weeks today and will have my Level II u/s on Feb. 10. It's about 9 days earlier than they wanted to do it, but because that's the day I leave D.C., they wanted to do the u/s at Bethesda, since no hospital where I live compares to how good they are.

Anyway, I can't wait to find out. We decided from the beginning we wouldn't with Aidan, and from the beginning that we would with baby #2. I guess we figured that we'd have to buy stuff anyway. This time, if it's a boy, we'll have to buy nearly nothing. If it's a girl, we're going to want to have the time to slowly stock up.

I know you found out with K, so not finding out would be a cool experience, too. It was super cool hearing the "it's a boy" after he was just born, so I think you can't go wrong, either way.


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