Friday, January 09, 2009

Here we are!

I know, I've been slacking this week in the blogging department. Sorry. I came back to work on Monday and it feels like this has been the longest.week.ever. in eternity. I am tired. Tired and feeling blah, which is common here in MN, during the coldest month of the year, and especially after just coming home from a tropical climate. *sigh*.

Life is going just fine in our house. Keifer was overjoyed to be back at Elaine's house- she literally danced and shrieked with joy when we walked in on Tuesday morning. This morning, she greeted Elaine again with a hug. K has also started telling me "love you" when I drop her off. I always ask her for a hug and kiss goodbye, to which I get her pursed little fish lips kiss, and she'll tell me "love you" after I tell her "love you". Ahhh, such a sweetie. Elaine reported yesterday that K had a "loud" day, which isn't surprising. It seems the more she is around other kids, and animated, chatty ones at that, the louder she becomes in imitation.

Work is moving right along and busy. Being in the special education area, there is always work, it seems. I started my second morning group of 4 new boys on Wednesday, and they are little angels. I love working with them. But it can make for a tiring day after teaching 3 classes of different children.

I was successful and made it through 50 minutes (out of 60) at Kickbox Jam on Tuesday night. I didn't push myself, and didn't do any major jumping around, but man , it felt really good! I want to try and make this PG different (in the exercise realm) of how my PG with Keifer was.

Wednesday night, Keifer played "night night" with me and CJ. She told us "daddy sleeping" (complete with her hand cupped next to her ear,with her head cocked sideways), and "mama sleeping". CJ and I pretended to be asleep on pillows on the living room floor, and then she would squeal with delight "wake up, daddy!", and push us to "wake up".

I'm 17 weeks PG and flutters are still off and on inside me. Suddenly, only 2 pair of regular pants fit me anymore and I had to break out the maternity pants this week. However, the were falling off me by the end of the day, so I'm somewhat at an in-between stage with this whole PG belly thing.

Papa and Nana are coming down tomorrow to bring K a belated Christmas gift: a pretend kitchen, which I know she will be delighted with. She loves to pretend cook at Elaine's and with us in the kitchen (with her measuring spoons and cups on the kitchen floor), so I' m excited to see her face when it is all put together!

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Bookerson said...

You may have seen this before, but I used the 'Bella Band' for the in between times. It worked wonders. You can still wear your old pants for a little longer, or it helps smooth out the maternity pants.


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