Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Quickie dash in and out

A quickie update from us- as I have many things to do at work, and many things to do at home,and I never feel like I have enough time to just do what I WANT to do :)

PG news: I'm 13 weeks tomorrow. Boobs are exploding and hurting in the process. I have still "popped" and the night time is the worst for the bloat/big belly effect. Last night, I'm not sure if I pulled a muscle in my lower right rib cage area or if it is my PG belly starting to stretch and grow. I've been going to bed as early as possible lately (*ahem, 7:30 PM last night*) and could sleep and sleep and, well, sleep. If I miss my medication dose for morning sickness, I pay for it, but thank God I'm not (and never) have been throwing up. My hunger comes and goes; usually I'm not really too hungry, I am eating for the sake of "having" to eat. I have my next OB appointment next Monday the 15th. I have switched my "primary" OB to the woman who was my delivery OB the day I had Keifer. She did such a fantastic job on my C-section and was so calm and reassuring, I really wanted to switch to her, as she transferred to my practice.

Keifer: A crazy girl. The minute we start to speed up just a little bit in the car, she says from the back "run run, mama, run run!". She also told me to "run run" in Target while she was in the cart. Do you foresee a speed demon in my future? Hmm. I told CJ this AM that if anything, she'll be his downhill ski buddy!

Keif is in love with going to Elaine's. I drop her off in the AM and she never looks back. She loves to run with her friends, dance, be "child of the day" (get that sticker and hold that flag!) and especially loves baby B. (who is just over a year old). She has to give her friends and Elaine hugs and kisses when she leaves. She is still a music junkie and last week, the song "Like This" by Mims was on the radio. It repeats "like this, like this" over and over, and suddenly, I heard her sweet, clear voice singing along "like this". Talk about a sweet moment. She is off and on about being bossy in the car with her "taste" in music. She still loves her "bop bop" song, but will let mama play some of her music. It's cute as she tries to sing along with all the songs she has no idea what they are. Our girl loves to dance to TV commercials, the background music on TV shows, and of course, her favorite big red guy.

Mama and daddy have much to do in the next few weeks. Mama is super stressed out at work, as she has 4 new kids starting and has reports galore to finish writing. There are always parents to help and it's hard when you want to help and give all you can, but there isn't always the right resources, or even enough time to help (as much as you want). PG hormones have been causing some weepy moments, but it'll get better. Keifer needs her hair trimmed desperately, we all have chiro appointments, Sager needs a vet appointment made, and there is Christmas shopping to finish: all before December 20, when we fly away on our week long Christmas vacation in the sunny weather of Mexico.

Daddy turns the big 4-0 at the end of this week, and we have family and friends coming to town, hopefully to celebrate with us :) We are hoping to take Keifer to the annual Holidazzle parade downtown Minneapolis, for her love of lights has us predicting some exciting ohh's and ahhhh's! Mama can't believe how fast time goes, and is in awe that her main man is another decade older (almost!) WOW! You would never know :)

More pictures and videos to come. They are uploaded...........


Peeveme said...

K is toot precious! It's so great when they begin to have friends and actually play with them instead of parallel play.

Peeveme said...

Crud..I meant to say "too precious".

kristine said...

I can totally hear her little voice saying "like this" Ha ha! Graycen seems to like that song, too. Weird.
Glad to hear all is well (minus the PG boobs) and you're not getting sick - YAY!!
Happy (early) birthday to CJ!


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