Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho: Christmas Party!

We had Elaine's Christmas party this past Saturday. She made a wonderful brunch for all her families, and the kids all performed the songs they've been singing daily as well as new ones they are learning. It was so sweet to watch. Keifer loved sitting with her friends and watching them sing as she attempted to sing along. She really likes tick-tocking her tongue on the "Days of the Week" song.
Santa made his visit, and Keifer wasn't too sure of what to think of him. She had been saying "Santa, Santa" with CJ and I in the car, and even said "hi, Santa" when he arrived, but she wanted nothing to do with him up close and personally. She did, however, accept a gift from him. She got a new book and a new stuffed puppy! She loves both!
The best part of the day was watching our girl interact with her friends. I have a ton more pictures,but won't post them publicly, but the joy in Keifer's eyes as she looks upon her friends is very heartwarming, and makes mama feel sooooo good about the decision of having her in a daycare.

Here's our girl ready to leave for the party, modeling her new winter "fashion boots" like mama's (I got them 1/2 off at Famous Footwear! How could I NOT? And now, CJ understands WHY mama wanted her to have "cute winter boots" on top of the functional snow boots)

Santa waits for Keifer to take her turn on his lap: um, not so fast, daddy!
Eyeing up this new big guy in a red suit
Not sure what to do: shell shocked
Showing mama her gift from Santa
Keifer trying on her friend's new pair of play heels
Don't break an ankle, Keifer!
Watching her friend's line up for the "songs" - she decided to join them shortly after this
Sitting on one of her favorite friend's laps: look at the joy!


FinnLand said...

What a cutie! I thought I was over not having a baby girl ...but those pigtails, that dress, those tights... maybe next time around. She is just too cute!

bungalow_bliss said...

K's expressions are so cute. I love how she's lounging and then--oops!--can't resist joining in! She's a doll, Carrie!



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