Monday, December 15, 2008

Our girl was "holidazzled"

On Saturday night, CJ, Keifer and myself joined a group of his friends that were in town for the weekend for the day, and that night, we took ourselves downtown Minneapolis to the annual Holidazzle parade. To say Keifer was thrilled to death would be an understatement. She had mama in tears of joy as she jumped up and down, ohhed and ahhhed, pointed and said "here comes!", waved her little arm off and screamed "hi" to every float that went by. Many times, a character (all lit up) came by and said hello to our girl as she was so enthusiastic and adorable *sigh*. It all went by too quickly for mama, although we should've gotten our spot sooner, as mama felt very crowded and initially it was very difficult to keep our girl contained before she knew what was going on. It certainly made my yearning to take her to Disney World in October 2010 more intense! I so want to see her face light up with joy at the happiest place on earth! Especially when she sees the far more entertaining SpectroMagic parade at the Magic Kingdom!

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Piccinigirl said...

So pretty!! I am "lump in throat" all the time now, singing the carols and seeing them swing the pillow shaped like Santa. I can't wait until they "know", but yep...tears here too..for the "miracles" I got this year.


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